Rejection of the Jurisdiction of State Courts & Arbitration Tribunals in Case of A.D.R Agreement



Alternative dispute resolution (non-judicial) known as A.D.R is a major and traditional rule in which the agreement of both parties for referring any disputes to the mentioned methods may not prevent governmental courts or arbitration tribunals from considering the case. In other words and in contrast with arbitration agreement, an A.D.R agreement may not cause the jurisdiction of governmental courts or arbitration tribunals to be rejected. Then parties may refer their claim to governmental courts and/or arbitration resource (in case of any arbitration agreement) while ignoring the A.D.R agreement. However, this condition is under adjustment. In most cases national courts and arbitration tribunals with respect to parties agreement have rejected their temporary jurisdiction and have pended hearing the cases based upon the necessity of taking efforts in friendly settlement of disputes. This paper intends to study any traditional attitude of most governmental courts and arbitration tribunals in ignoring their jurisdiction and denying hearing any claims in case of an A.D.R agreement.