Peer Review Process


   Peer Review Process

ILR uses double-blind system: the reviewers' identities remain anonymous to authors, while the reviewers can see authors' identities. The paper will be peer-reviewed by three experts; one is chief editor and the other two are internal editors and external reviewers. 

  Terms and Conditions of Assessment Process         

International Law Review accepts only articles that examine and evaluate new scientific findings in the field of international law and arbitration and deals its developments, written in accordance with scientific principles. The editorial staff checks to establish whether the received article is compatible with the purposes and the approaches of the Journal and primarily refers it to two expert referees on the subject of the article to evaluate it. If the referees both approve that the article meets the criteria specified in the checklist then it will be placed in the articles waiting list for publication. If one of the judges approve the article and the other reject it, the opinion of a third referee will be asked and the majorities’ opinion will be the criterion for acceptance and a decision will be made finally by the editorial staff.

Selection of articles for publication in the journal after the arbitration process is the responsibility of the editorial staff, so the referee’s opinions will be reviewed for decision-making.
The editor in chief may also decide on the acceptability of the article for publication.
As a result the editorial board and editor may reject diagnosed poorly reviewed articles.
 Although the esteemed judges are to proclaim their comment in the checklist  within a month,
nevertheless, the arbitration process on average takes about three months.

There are no article processing charges or submission fee.