Official Corruption and Its Effect on Development: Causes and Solutions



Official corruption is a phenomenon that can be seen in the most of the countries in all of the world. However, its kind, shape, rate and extent is different from country to country. Now, the official and financial reform has culminated to a global dilemma and governments are aware that the corruption has caused many damages, so that it would be very irregular. This dilemma can handicap the domestic economy and disorder the development process and also threaten the democratic structures and damage the law governance principle. It can be led to other threats on the national security including the transnational crimes and terrorism. After the Islamic revolution in Iran, the reform of official system as an undoubted principle and necessity has been discussed and emphasized. This matter led to the historical command of Iran’s Leader on 30 April 2001 to combat against it. This article tries to clarify the role of official corruption in the societies and its effect on governments and development. Therefore, at first a lateral definition of corruption is presented especially official corruption which that is the main obstacle for development process and as the source of other corruptions. Then, its different levels, kinds and effective causes are mentioned and finally the meaning of corruption in international documents is studied. Also the effective causes and factors on official corruption is mentioned. Then in continues to make a comparative study on corruption situation between Iran and other countries of the world and then its consequences and solutions are examined and presented.