Islam, Principality of war or Principality of peace?



War and peace are perfectly distinctive and each one of them has specific legal results. They are, historically, simultaneous with human being. Muslims, as soon as Islam was founded and established its stability, made political and legal relations with the followers of other religions. Islamic nation often had bilateral relations with the other nations. The fundamental question in this article is that whether these relations with others are based on war or peace?
There are 2 theories regarding political-legal relations of Muslims with the followers of other religions and non-believers.
The owners of first theory maintain to principality of war, according to the second theory peace is prior upon war.
On my opinion the true doctrine is the second theory which believes in principality of peace. According to this view, the essential rule in relation between Muslims and the others is Peace, which is eternal and natural. War, however, is accidental and not normal. Islam by its nature and all other divine religions radically are opposed to fighting and blood shed. If Islamic injunctions ordered us to be equipped, it would be only because of defense for the followers of Islam.
Considering holy verses of Quran, tradition of prophet (Peace be upon him) and his holy household indicates that in Islam peace is essential. According to this point of view relation of Islamic territory {Darulislam} with the other non-Islamic countries {Darulkufr or Darulshirk} is peaceful, because of contracts, cease fire and neutrality. hence a country that is combating against an Islamic country by breaching a treaty or by conducting an aggression is called territory of war {Darulharb}. Otherwise it is neutral or it has a league with Islamic country is referred to as {Darulhiad}.
The nature of the political and legal relation between Muslims and other non-Islamic countries, first of all, is peaceful, friendly and is based on dignity and peaceful co-existence. It is legalized by a contract, in neutrality and cease fire. A war according to this doctrine is exceptional and accidental, it is permissible, only in some rare circumstances and it is, when Islamic country has no remedy for its inevitability. So, out of necessity an Islamic country is obliged to acquire, modern and advanced equipments and armaments in military and security fields, if they want to be free, developed and independent, and to have powerful, dignitive, wisely and expediently relations with other countries.